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Our premiere course focuses on the biology of aging.

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The Geroscience Hypothesis

Researching the molecular underpinnings of aging is a fairly new field. Until recently, growing old was a privilege that not many were able to attain. It seemed inevitable that systems would breakdown as we get older, leading to declining health.

Basic Biology Refresher

Research on aging dives deep into the cell. To prevent and cure age-related disease requires untangling the intricate workings of thousands of molecules, genes, and chemical reactions that keep our bodies running. In this lesson, we will review some of the foundational cell biology involved in the Geroscience field.

Biology of Aging

Over the last thirty years, scientists have uncovered general patterns in how our cells and tissues change over the years. We can now classify these predictable changes into a framework called the Hallmarks of Aging. Understanding these hallmarks is a key to developing treatments that target underlying aging processes to prolong healthspan.

Age-Related Diseases

The crux of Geroscience is that the molecular processes that underlie aging also underlie the diseases that come with time. In this lesson you’ll learn about how the biology of aging has been connected to four of the most common age-related diseases: heart disease, cancer, neurodegeneration, and diabetes.

Success in the Lab

What started as interesting observations of prolonged lifespan in lab animals has since become one of the hottest disciplines in the life sciences, with discoveries heading ever closer to clinical treatments.

Healthy Aging Right Now

Are you ready for the information that guarantees you’ll be downhill skiing and reciting Shakespeare until your 100th birthday? So are we!

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